Bol Baby Bol-2 Singing Show (27th April 2013)

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Bol Baby Bol-2 Singing Show
Bol Baby Bol-2 Serial Online
Bol Baby Bol-2 Show Cast:
Anchors: Hema Chandra, Shravana Bhargavi
Judges: Koti, Sunitha, Ranina Reddy
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Today's Episode:

Bol Baby Bol-2 Singing Show (27th April 2013) Saturday

Previous Episodes:

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Bol Baby Bol-2 Plot:

Bol Baby Bol-2 is the continuation for the previous Bol Baby Bol series and is purely based on "Guess the tune" concept. It is more like GUESS, SING & WIN.
The accumulation of cash prized to 25 lakhs gives the nail baiting finish to the series. All the participants being kids and their quickness in guessing gives a kick to the viewers. Viewers simultaneously trying to guess the tune will be making it a complete family viewing show.
Bo Baby Bol-2 has two groups (Sruthilayalu & Sarigamalu) with two mentors Arun Koundinya and Manogna of 10 kids. Out of 10, five are boys and five are girls. The show is anchored by two celebrity singers Hema Chandra and Shravana Bhargavi.  The show has three Judges Music Director Koti, Singers Sunitha and Ranina Reddy. Every episode starts with celebrity singers singing a song. The round starts with a 60 secs music bit. Both the groups have buzzer with them and they press the buzzer immediately after they identify the song. The team that presses the buzzer gets the opportunity. And the show goes on...

Bol Baby Bol-2 is a Most Popular Telugu show telecasted on Gemini every Saturday at 9:30 PM.

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