Super Singer 7 The Spicy Series - Episode 39

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Plot Summary:

At the start of this episode, Hema Chandra is at the top amongst the male singers and Deepu is at the bottom of the table. Amongst the female singers Malavika is in top slot and Anjana Sowmya is in the bottom rung. Sagar announces that one team stands to be eliminated after this ninth round of the quarter- final stage. Deepu and Sumangaly kickstart the episode with the song 'Pattu Pattu' from the film 'Shankar Dada MBBS'. Anjana Sowmya and Sri Krishna sing the peppy song 'Arey Chilakamma' from the film 'Dalapathi'. Hema Chandra sings a medley of songs including 'Keeravani Chilakala' from 'Anweshana' and 'Jilibili Palukula' from 'Sitara'. Revanth and Geeta Madhuri sing 'Merupula Merise' from the film 'Chintakayala Ravi'. Sahiti and Sumangaly sing a medley of songs including 'Gudilona Na Swami' from the film 'Ida Lokam' and 'Gudiyenaka' from the film 'Kuberulu'. Anjana Sowmya & Sunitha sing 'Na Mogudu Ram Pyari' from the film 'Ninne Pelladata'.

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