Super Singer 7 The Spicy Series - Episode 37

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Plot Summary:

At the start of this episode, Chargers are in the lead, Warriors are in second place, Challengers in third, and Riders in fourth. Team Riders lead Usha sings 'Pilichina Biguvatara' from the film 'Malleeswari' and Malavika sings 'Evevo kalalu kannanu' from the film 'Jwala'. Revanth sings a medley of songs including 'Monna Kanipinchavu' from the film 'Surya S/O Krishnan, 'Nenu Nuvvantu' from 'Orange', 'Cheiliya' from 'Gharshana', and 'Orugalluke Pilla' from 'Sainikudu'. He also dedicates his last song 'Randaka Randaka' from 'Aparichitudu' to everyone on the Super Singer team to reflect the amount of enthusiasm that they bring to the show. Anjana Sowmya and Sri Krishna then sing 'Chali Champutunna Chamakkulo' from the film 'Kshana Kshanam'. Deepu sings a medley of songs composed by AR Rahman including 'Nanu Nenu Marachina' from the film 'Prema Desam', 'Dandiya Atalu Ada' from 'Premikula Roju', 'Chikubuku Raile' from 'Gentleman', and 'Girl Friend Kavaley' from 'Boys'. Finally, Malavika and Hema Chandra sing 'Anjani Putruda' from 'Mutha Mestri'. Revanth and Geeta Madhuri sing a beautiful duet, 'Chiranjeeva' from the film 'Badrinath'. Chandra Bose finds the this song very pleasant and tells everyone that it reminds him of the time when he penned the lyrics for this song in Kulu Manali.

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