Rangam - Episode 48 - Semifinals

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Plot Summary:

Raghu Master, Sangavi and Udaya Bhanu kickstart the 'Teen Maar' round with a cool dance to the song 'Telugu Bengali' from the film 'Dhada'. Selva Raj and Swetha then stage a high-energy dance to the song 'Naa Peru Chinna Na Manasu Ranna'. Raghu Master likes their take-off but is disappointed with Swetha's energy levels. After that, Bhavana and Aadarsh rock the dance floor with their performance to 'Manmadha Raja' from 'Donga Dongadi'. Aadarsh suffers a few injuries during the performance. Sangavi gives them a thumbs up for their excellent mass performance. Despite suffering from a high fever, Indhraneel and Sirisha set the stage on fire with an electrifying dance to the song 'Jajjanakka' from the film 'Mahatma'. Raghu Master is floored by Indhra's 'flooring' dance moves. Following this, Abhinay and Nidhi dance to the song 'Eelesi Nuvvu Gole Cheyyi' from the film 'Yuvatha'. Raghu Master points out that Nidhi has constantly been losing interest in her performance and advises her to like what she is doing rather than struggle with it. Anil and Sreevani also dance to the song 'Adaragottu Kottu Kottu' from the film 'Krishna'. Sangavi shoots a flying kiss at the background dancers and she is totally thrilled with the duo's performance. Raghu Master congratulates choreographer Anand for his 'darling' dance direction.

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