Nee Kongu Bangaram Ganu - Episode 37 ( Jacky And Haritha & Sai Kiran )

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Plot Summary:

In this International Women's Day special episode, Radhika begins the show by talking about how important this day is for her and by also welcoming real-life couples Jackie & Haritha, and Sai Kiran & Vaishnavi to the show with special gifts. In Cheera Kattu Tippi Pettu, the couples try to fold as many saris as they can in two minutes to win saris as gifts. In Presna Maadi Gift Meedi, Radhika plays an audio-visual clip and asks questions related to the clip. She asks to name the film which has Ram Charan Teja & Kajal in the lead, identify who is shown along with actor Pawan Kalyan, and guess the movie in which Saloni & Trisha act together. Jackie & Haritha win the iPad for getting most answers right. In the Masti Me Sawal round, the couples have to enact a skit and impress Radhika to win Rs 1 Lakh. Jackie & Haritha enact a skit where Haritha acts like Jackie and Jackie acts like Haritha. Sai Kiran & Vaishnavi act as a couple meeting for the first time and trying hard to impress one another. Radhika is impressed by both the performances and splits the cash prize between the two couples. In 100% Gold, Radhika tests the compatibility between the couples and asks questions such as what is their favourite colour, when was the first SMS sent, favourite cartoon character, who cooks well, among others. At the end of the round, Jackie & Haritha win 60 grams of gold.

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