Nee Kongu Bangaram Ganu - Episode 36 ( Ashwini, Anil, Vikas, Sahithi )

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Plot Summary:

In this episode, Radhika first chats up television actress Ashwini before letting her show off her dance moves to the song 'Allegra' from 'Mallanna'. Ashwini asks Radhika how she manages to multi-task so well as a successful actor, producer, anchor, home-maker, and more. Actor Anil then brings a bouquet of roses for Radhika, following which Vikas makes a grand entry with a dance to the song 'Darlingey' from 'Mirchi'. He is then joined by Anil and Ashwini, and after that, Sahiti turns up in a traditional attire and entertains everyone with a dance to the song 'Chinni Chinni Asalunna' from the film 'Andala Ramudu'. In the Prashna Maadi Gift Meedi round, Anil and Sahiti beat Vikas and Ashwini hands down to win themselves a plasma TV. However, confusion arises as Radhika asks them how they plan to split the gift amongst themselves. After a brief and humorous argument, all four participants get together and dance to the song 'Kaatuka Kallu' from 'Sarocharu'. Following this, in the Masti Me Sawal round, Anil and Sahiti play amateur politicians arguing with each other about how to plan a press conference, while Ashwini and Vikas pretend to be an estranged couple desperately trying to get away from each other. Finally, in the 100% Gold round, Ashwita successfully writes the numbers 100 to 0 in descending order and wins herself a good amount of gold. Watch Anil and Sahiti celebrating their victory with a dance to the song 'Ey Pilla' from Dhada' along with Radhika.

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