Modern Mahalakshmi - E 500 (Part 2) (Nagarjuna as Guest)

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Plot Summary:

In this 500th episode continuation of Modern Mahalakshmi, Roja wishes the viewers a very happy Women's Day and once again thanks viewers for showing their love and support. As viewers eagerly await Nagarjuna's special appearance, Srilalitha, Syamala, Hema, and Rashmi progress into the Chalakey Chandramukhi round. On winning herself a tower fan in the Chalakey Chandramukhi round, Rashmi dances to the song 'Hello Baasu' from Nagarjuna's film 'Boss'. Roja compliments her on being a very stylish dancer, be it to a 'class song' or a 'mass song'. King Nagarjuna's much-anticipated special appearance comes true as he makes his way onto the sets of Modern Mahalakshmi to add more glamour and excitement to the 500th episode. He congratulates the entire team of the show and wishes them on the special occasion of Women's Day. Nag recollects his very first memories of working with Roja as all the ladies gush about him. Amongst other things, the superstar speaks about his recent film 'Shirdi Sai' and his upcoming venture with sons Nagachaitanya and Akhil. Hema beats Srilalitha, Syamala, and Rashmi to be declared the winner of the 500th episode. Catch the ladies ending the episode in a grand way with a glamorous dance to the song 'Diri Diri Diridi' from the film 'Santosham'.

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