Bhale Chancele - Episode 191

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Plot Summary:

In this episode, Jumbo dresses up like a zombie. Suma welcomes Divya from the serial 'Muddu Bidda' as the first guest on the show. Sai Kiran from the serial 'Auto Bharati' dances along with the Dice Devatulu to the song 'Adire Adire' from the film 'Ishq'. Sahiti from the serial 'Manasu Mamatha' is shocked on seeing Jumbo's attire. Sahiti defends herself with an umbrella as Sai Kiran and Divya throw balloons at her. Divya dances to the song 'Nellorae' from 'Naayak'. Sai Kumar sings 'Anaganaga Aakasam Undi' from the film 'Nuvve Kaavali'. Divya and Suma enact a funny skit wherein Divya phones Suma, her future husband-to-be. Comedy develops as Suma addresses her by various names pretending that she is not able to place her. Sahiti plays the leader of the zombies and chides Jumbo for leaving zombie-land and mingling with humans. Suma plays supporting zombie and instigates Sahiti to strip him off his position in the after-world.

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