Bhale Chancele - Episode 189

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Plot Summary:

Jumbo dresses up like a giant watermelon in this episode. Suma welcomes stars of the serial 'Chinna Kodalu', Kritika, Hemanth and Yamini to be part of all the madness on the show. Yamini dances to 'Kaattuka Kallu' from 'Sarocharu' to instantly entertain the audience. In the task round, Yamini performs a task involving transporting flowers with a straw from one bowl to another. Suma, Hemanth and Kritika try to distract her while she performs the task. In the self-task round Kritika dances to the song 'Darlingey'. In the second task round, Kritika sells watermelon in a railway station. Suma threatens to sue her in a consumer court for selling her rotten watermelon. Hemanth gets ragged by Yamini and Kritika as a fresher in a college. Much-unlike her role in the serial 'Chinna Kodalu', Yamini does a role reversal and plays a bad mother-in-law to Suma. Comedy develops as Kritika joins in the skit and instigates Yamini to ill-treat Suma.

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