Bhale Chancele - Episode 187 ( High School Team )

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Plot Summary:

In this episode, Jumbo dresses up like a giant ice-cream. Suma welcomes child artists Armaan and Priyanka of the 'High School' serial fame to be part of this exciting episode. Armaan offers the Dice Devatulu a healthy 'Yoga' namaste. Priyanka dances to 'Darlingey' from 'Mirchi'. Master Dattu joins his 'High School' team mates Armaan and Priyanka with a dance to the song 'Hey Chinna Ra Chinna' from the film 'Ranam'. Armaan performs a task with a pair of chopsticks and smiley stress-busters. In the task round, Dattu tosses carom coins into a bowl. Armaan delivers an NTR dialogue with perfection. Priyanka dances to the song 'Google Search' from 'Rebel'. In the second task round, Armaan sells 'Jumbo' ice-cream to Dattu. Comedy develops as Suma and Priyanka check the expiry date of the ice-cream pretending to the 'ice-cream checking squad'. Priyanka plays a kindergarten student and Suma, Armaan and Dattu play her students.

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