Bhale Chancele - Episode 185

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Plot Summary:

In this episode, Jumbo is captured by a terrifying creature called 'Jumpanzee'. The first guest on the show, Madhumani, dances to the song 'Barbie Girl' from 'Mirchi'. Suma compliments the second guest on the show, Shirley, for her graceful moves. The third guest, Shyaam, makes a grand entry with a dance to the song 'Yamaho Yama' from the film 'Chirutha'. In the first task round, Shyaam plays golf with a hockey stick. Madhumati and Suma argue with each other over a gas cylinder. Shirley chooses a self-task and dances to the song 'Joramochindi' from the film 'Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu'. In the second task round, Madhumati and Shyaam stage a fun dance to the song 'Darlingey' from the film 'Mirchi'. Shirley and Madhumani break into a fight over a common husband. Comedy develops as Suma enters the picture and apologizes for misleading Shirley. Newly-wed Shyaam flirts on the phone with his wife, played by Madhumani. Shirley and Suma interrupt their conversation through a cross-connection. Find out who will be declared the winner of this episode.

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