Rangam - Episode 43

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Plot Summary:

Udaya wishes the viewers a very 'Happy Valentine's Day' before progressing into the fourth episode of the semi-finals. Raghu Master dances along with Udaya and Sangavi to the current favourite song 'Idhedho Bagundhe' from 'Mirchi'. In the 'feel-good song' round, Anil and Sreevani stage a magical performance to the song 'Vintunnavaa' from 'Ye Maaya Chesave'. Selva and Swetha dance to the song 'Okkasari Cheppaleva' from the film 'Nuvvu Naku Nachav'. Udaya whistles for their performance. Sangavi finds Swetha's dance moves very bold and daring. Raghu Master calls it a 'darling' performance and appreciates their choreographer Chinnu. In the Celebrity Support round, Koushik supports Aadarsh and Bhavana as they dance to the song 'Barbie Girl' from 'Mirchi'. Koushik gives full credit to choreographer Raju for giving him the sleek dance moves and reveals that he is almost scared to dance with Bhavana as she is such a perfectionist. Raghu Master points out that their 'Paso Doble' attempt could have been more polished. Overall he finds their performance average. Chakri supports Sri Sravani by dancing with her to the song 'Bavavi Nuvvu' from the film 'Peddarayudu'. Raghu Master praises Chakri's dedication towards the performance even though he was only there to support Sravani.

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