Nee Kongu Bangaram Ganu - Episode 35 ( Kalyan & Sreelekha And Vijay Reddy & Vikasini )

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Plot Summary:

Kalyan and Srilekha show their muscle power and ace the Cheera Kattu Tippi Pettu round. This week, Kalyan asks the audience to guess how many types of sarees AP is famous for? To celebrate their success the couple stage a dance to 'Racha Rambola' from 'Sarocharu'. In conversation with Radhika, Kalyan and Vijay admit that they both became good friends on account of being part of the Celebrity Cricket League. Kalyan and Srilekha win the Prashna Maadi Gift Meedi round as well and earn themselves a washing machine. In the Masti Me Sawal round, Vijay and Vikasini try to impress Radhika by enacting a skit wherein they sort out misunderstandings on Valentine's Day. Kalyan re-enacts how he proposed to his wife Srilekha for the very first time. In the 100% Gold round, Radhika tests the couples on how well they know their spouses. Vijay Bhaskar and Vikasini prove that they know each other very well by answering all the questions in this round correctly.

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