Nee Kongu Bangaram Ganu - Episode 33 ( Indraneil and Medha & Selva and Rishika )

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Plot Summary:

In this special episode, Radhika invites television hit couples, Indraneil-Medha and Selva-Rishika to participate in the game show and talk about their onscreen chemistry. Indraneil and Medha dance to 'Mellaga Karagani' from the film 'Varsham'. In the Cheera Kattu Thippi Pettu round, Medha folds the maximum number of sarees with Indraneil's help and wins herself some goodies. In the Prasna Maadi Gift Meedi round, Radhika plays an audio-video clip and asks questions related to it. Selva and Rishika answer most of the questions right and wins themselves a brand new television. They end the round by dancing to 'Aakasam Ammai Aithe' from the film 'Gabbar Singh'. In the Masti Me Sawal round, the participants have to enact skits to impress Radhika, standing to win Rs 1 lakh if they prove themselves to be the better actors. Indraneil and Medha act as co-stars who hate each other, while Selva and Rishika act as a reckless auto driver and an ignorant passenger respectively. Radhika loves Indraneil and Medha's act and awards them the prize money. In the 100% Gold round, Radhika tests the compatibility of the couples, asking ten questions about their partners. The winners get 10 gm gold coins for every correct answer, and at the end, Indraneil and Medha are declared as the victors, winning 80 grams of gold. Radhika also talks about her experiences working with ace director K Vishwanath before bringing an end to the proceedings.

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