Nee Kongu Bangaram Ganu - E 34 ( Chakri & Sowmya and Dhanush & Keerthi )

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Plot Summary:

Radhika kick starts the show with a special thanks to the audiences for making the show a success and also by welcoming celebrities & real life couple, Chakri & Soumya and reel life couple, Dhanush & Keerthi. Radhika asks them about how the couples get married, and also about their projects. In the first round, Cheera Kattu Tippi Pettu, the participants try to fold as many sarees as possible in two minutes. In the Presna Maadi Gift Meedi round, Radhika plays an audio-visual clip about movies and asks the participants questions related to it and they stand a chance to win an LED TV. Radhika asks questions like in which movie did Jr NTR & Samantha act together, who are the heroines of Navdeep & Allu Arjun's movie, among others. In the Masti Me Sawal round, the contestants have to do what Radhika asks them to do and impress her to win Rs 1 lakh cash. Radhika asks Dhanush & Keerthi to act as a couple and sacrifice something in a particular situation while Chakri & Soumya act as a couple where the husband tries to stop his wife from shopping. Radhika, in the end, feels both couples did a great job and divides the cash prize between them. In the 100% Gold round, the contestants have to write numbers from 100-1 to win grams of gold. Soumya attempts first, manages to write only ten while Dhanush also writes ten. As the round ends in a tie, both Soumya & Dhanush start again and Soumya manages to stay focused and wins 40 grams of gold.

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