Bhale Chancele - Episode 183

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Plot Summary:

In this episode, catch Jumbo in a chilled out mood as if he were on holiday in Hawaii. Dice Goddesses also resort to a beach holiday attire. Suma welcomes the first guest on the show, television's popular comedian Ramachandra. The second guest, Mallika, joins the merry making on the beach and dances along with Jumbo. Comedian Shashank adds more fun to the atmosphere by dancing to 'Nakoka Girl Friend Kavali' from the film 'Boys'. In the second task round, Shashank performs a tough task the flinging balls from a cup in the air and putting them back into the same cup. Ramachandra dances to the song 'Yenthapani Chesthiviro' from the film 'King', and Jumbo is more than willing to keep him company in his dance. After that, Ramachandra pretends to be standing before a mirror. Jumbo plays the part of the mirror and mirrors all his actions. Mallika also dances to the song 'Mass Raja' from the film 'Daruvu'. Shashank and Ramachandra then enact a skit, pretending to be long-lost friends. Comedy develops as Shashank fibs that he was unable to attend Ramachandra's wedding as he was busy globe-trotting. Mallika plays the role of Ramachandra's wife. Find out which of these comic participants is crowned the winner.

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