Bhale Chancele - Episode 179

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Plot Summary:

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Jumbo dresses up like a big heart in this episode. Anju Asrani blows a kiss at the audience as she makes a grand entrance with a dance to the song 'Aadatanama' from the film 'Gharshana'. Ashmita shares her best experience of Valentine's Day when she received about 50 to 60 cards and lots of chocolates. Serial actress Lahari stages a peppy dance to the song 'Joramochindi' from the film 'Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu'. Suma sings a Valentine's Day special song for Jumbo leaving Ashmita, Anju, and Lahari in a fit of laughter. Ashmita performs a task that involves bursting balloons with a pencil. Lahari hops over dice as she tries to balance a lemon in a tea strainer. Comedy unfolds as there is a sudden earthquake on the sets, only until the participants realize that it was nothing but Jumbo walking across. Anju performs a tough task of repeating tongue-twisters after Suma. Ashmita advises Lahari as a qualified counsellor. Lahari plays an old woman vying for her husband's attention on Valentine's Day. Suma plays her lecherous husband and flirts with the Dice Goddesses.

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