Bhale Chancele - E 176 (Sikharam Team)

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Plot Summary:

Jumbo dresses up like 'Jumbolina Jolie' in this episode, an overweight Hollywood star who has been shunned from the industry on account of her weight issues. The first guest on the show, Bharani, serenades Jumbolina Jolie with the song 'Emaindo Gaani Chusthu' from the film 'Nenu Meeku Telusa'. Suma also welcomes television actors Varshini and Chalapathi to participate in this fun episode. In the first task round, Bharani delivers his favourite dialogue from one of his favourite serials. Dice Goddesses are left impressed with his performance. Varshini dances along with Jumbo to the song 'Vana Vana Velluvaye' from the film 'Racha'. Suma asks Bharani to play 'James Bond' after having accepted the compliment from Jumbo that he looks like 'Bond'. Comedy develops as he translates Suma's English dialogues in Telugu and Jumbo, aka Jumbalina Jolie, plays 'Bond Girl'. Chalapathi sings a beautiful song in praise of Jumbolina Jolie leaving her mesmerized and clingy. Varshini finishes second and Bharani is declared the winner of this episode. Don't miss Jumbo's effeminate and hilarious dance to the song 'Ellora Shilpanni' from the film 'Billaa'.

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