Ali 369 - with Kalavari Kodallu Team (Feb 26th)

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Ali 369 Game Show
Ali 369 Game Show Kalavari Kodallu Team as Guest Tuesday, 26th February, 2013
Kalavari Kodallu Team are the players in this episode of Ali 369 Game Show is telecasted on ETV on Tuesday, 26th February, 2013

Ali 369 Game Show hosted by most popular comedian Ali telecasts on ETV (Eenadu Television) on every Tuesday at 9:30 PM IST. Three teams with two players in each participate in six rounds; the team which has highest points will be the winner of the show. Winner will be paid 9 times of their points.This show has some strange Ali style round names like Matching Me Dhadd Dhadd, Yendha Chaata, Kasuko Na Masupatri, Item Raja.
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